The wordmark should always appear with the graphic element to form the university logo, unless special permission has been given by university relations.



The wordmark is a treatment of the official name of the university in the Trajan Pro typeface. This typeface was chosen because it closely resembles the letters historically used to stamp the names of graduates into Senior Walk. This face actually comes from the lapidary capitals on the base of Trajan’s column in the forum of Trajan in Rome, and dates from 113 AD.

At minimum, it should appear no smaller that one quarter of an inch in height on a standard brochure, and proportionally larger on bigger publications. It should be combined with the university symbol to constitute the official logo, except in specified situations.

The wordmark must appear in all black or all white (for reverses on a dark background) and should be surrounded by the appropriate amount of clear area to set it apart, particularly on busy backgrounds.  In special circumstances, if a piece is printed in colors that do not allow for black or white, an alternate color may be used.

If you have questions about the wordmark, contact university relations at 479-575-5555 or urelinfo@uark.edu.