Brand Personality

The university’s brand personality reflects who we are, what unifies us and the characteristics we are determined to realize together. Expressing our brand personality reinforces what’s important to us. It provides a shared communication style for the University of Arkansas, helping our audiences identify our brand and develop a common understanding of what makes us distinctive.

Use the following words and descriptions as a guide when developing the style and tone of university messaging.

  • Open: We value the diverse, different and new. Our language is inclusive, positive and supportive.
  • Creative: Our focus on a better future takes a little imagination and collaboration. Our messages reflect this innovative, creative spirit.
  • Authentic: Being yourself and expressing yourself takes some courage. Our messaging is confident and true.
  • Dedicated: Making things better is our common purpose. We express the zeal we have for accomplishing our goals in many ways.
  • Determined: Our underdog spirit is undeniable and we put it to good use. You can call us tenacious or you can call us scrappy. Either way, we are driven by purpose. That comes across in everything we do and say.
  • Natural: The beauty and diversity of our region and state inspires us. It influences how we see the world and what it can be. Ditto for our messaging.