Our Brand

Why Brand Is Important

Our brand promotes understanding about the university. It can be a powerful strategic asset used to help us reach our goals and maximize the impact of our mission. Messages and actions that illustrate what we do and why it matters can influence how people feel about the university in a positive way. Greater understanding creates efficiency, support and momentum.

Our brand lives everywhere. It isn’t a logo – that's simply the visual we use to symbolize our brand. The university’s brand is really the combination of every experience anyone has ever had with the university. Those individual interactions shape our brand slowly over time. But positioning our brand isn’t just the work of those who are paid to communicate about the university. Everything we convey about the University of Arkansas and everything we do contributes to our brand.

Our brand is our true identity and what people think we are all rolled into one. Reflecting our mission and vision for the future, it should be both authentic and aspirational.