Official Colors

Consider red as your friend when making color choices for publications. There's a reason schools have colors associated with them.

The official colors of the University of Arkansas are cardinal and white.  Because of the requirements for printing and the need to be as specific as possible when matching colors, the Pantone® Matching System (PMS) number for cardinal red is 201.

Publications should be predominantly themed in this shade of red in order to clearly indicate that the piece is part of the University of Arkansas family of publications. Cardinal red connects alumni in particular to the campus and while other colors may be pretty, they may inadvertently create the impression they are associated with other institutions.



The only two-color combination allowed for the University of Arkansas logo is black and PMS 201. When producing four-color publications, the CMYK values shown below produce an acceptable match for PMS 201.

  • Cyan = 7%
  • Magenta = 100%
  • Yellow = 68%
  • Black = 32%

The RGB values are:

  • Red = 157
  • Green = 34
  • Blue = 53

The hexadecimal (Web) value is:

  • #9D2235