Trademark Licensing

This manual outlines procedures for the use of official symbols on promotional and printed material. Approval of marks and logos for merchandise or retail sale must be obtained from the office of trademark licensing. Call 479-575-5037 for questions.

Merchandising & promotional items

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any use of a trademarked symbol on any sort of product, such as stickers, pins, shirts, bottles, pencils or any similar item must be purchased from an officially licensed vendor. The University of Arkansas Licensing office maintains a list of these vendors for use by the campus community. Contact the licensing office at 479-575-5037 or email us at

In 1987, the University of Arkansas implemented a licensing program in order to preserve the use of its emblems, logos and verbiage. This program has helped in providing a successful relationship between the University of Arkansas, its licensees and retail partners. The university has partnered with Collegiate Licensing Co. (CLC) as its exclusive trademark licensing representative to develop and expand the program.

Within the parameters of the university’s licensing program, manufacturers are permitted through CLC to handle the marks and images of the University of Arkansas on a variety of goods and services, which then become available to consumers.

The University has a stable of logos and work marks that are trademarked. If you have a design that is a variation of these marks and logos, it is protected by the University of Arkansas. If the design can be construed to look like a Razorback, or creates any confusion in the marketplace with the general public as to it being a “RAZORBACK,” or a variation of one of the University’s trademarks, then the design will infringe on the University of Arkansas’ federal regulations. The University owns and controls its names(s) and other marks, logos, insignias, seals, designs and symbols which include the use of, but not limited to: “UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS®”, “ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS®”,“ARKANSAS®”, “HOGS™”, “WOOO PIG SOOIE ®”, the University of Arkansas with the Old Main silhouette ®, any Razorback marks or images, and the University of Arkansas school Seal. An “®” emblem must appear on all products that have the University’s registered marks and verbiage, otherwise a “™” must be present on all products pertaining to any of the University’s marks that are not registered. These marks are used for sale, promotional, and advertising purposes and are well known and recognized by the general public and associated with the University in the public and associated with the University of Arkansas in the public mind.

Parties interested in acquiring a license with the University of Arkansas must do so by requesting an application through Collegiate Licensing Co. An application and general information may be obtained from the CLC Web site at The Universities current standard royalty rate is 12%. Promotional licensing is also available with a 14 percent royalty on promotional items and a promotional rights fee. Licensees are also required to sign the CLC Code of Conduct with the University of Arkansas addendums. Net income generated by the trademark licensing program is split between the department of athletics and the university’s general fund.

For more information, please contact the University of Arkansas licensing office at 479-575-5037 or email us at