We’re Home

It’s a feeling we get that no matter where we’re from, or where we go – this is home. Our campus on The Hill provides a sense of community, where we feel we belong. It’s a place where the experiences and connections we make can be life-changing, bringing previously unforeseen paths to success into view. It’s a place to explore, where we can find our future and learn how we can make a difference in the lives of others. Our family has grown in many ways over the years, but we’re still close – sharing a bond as Razorbacks here and everywhere. The Hill is home.

  • We feel connected, not just to this place but to each other. Our welcoming, supportive environment allows us to be comfortable enough to be ourselves and express ourselves while being exposed to a diversity of new ideas, people and perspectives.
  • Growth happens here. We grow as individuals. We grow ideas. We grow friendships and lifelong connections.
  • We discover what’s possible here. We’re inspired here and prepared for what’s next.
  • We are energized by the natural wonder of the mountain forests, streams and hiking trails that surround us. We’re located in the Natural State after all.
  • Our scenic hilltop campus is one of a kind, with yet another striking view always just a few steps away.
  • The Hill is special to us, just like the names we leave on Senior Walk. A path we share with those before and after.

Guiding Priorities this theme advances:

Advancing Student successBuilding a Collaborative and Innovative CampusEnriching Campus Diversity and InclusionPromoting Innovation in Teaching and LearningReaffirming our Land Grant and Flagship ResponsibilitiesStrengthening Graduate EducationStrengthening Graduate Education

Tips on when and how to use this theme:

This theme is about what makes our campus, community and region special. It can build bonds with prospective and current students and keep our alumni connected.

Audiences for this theme:

Alumni, Students, Prospective Students, Parents, faculty and staff, prospective faculty and staff, NWA community

Some types of stories that fit this theme:

  • Pictures and stories about student/faculty/campus events - building an emotional tie to campus for students and alumni
  • Demonstrating diversity and inclusion on campus and in the community
  • One-student-at-a-time – mentoring, teaching and support
  • Faculty stories that show who they are and why they came here
  • Traditions – departments, units, schools, colleges or university level

Examples of some words and phrases that convey this theme:

The Hill, home, U of A family, home on The Hill, community, support, mentoring, student success, inclusion, fostering, welcome, where faculty can make a difference one student at a time.


Photos that convey our beautiful campus, region and community of people, such as students working, studying and playing together. Community, campus, Ozark region, reunions, camaraderie, Senior Walk.