Dedicated to Arkansas

Our dedication to Arkansas never wavers. It’s the foundation on which we were built with a simple three-part mission to serve the state, provide access to higher education and improve lives through research and innovation. That means equipping our graduates with necessary job skills, stimulating the state’s economy through innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting education, health and safety, spreading new ideas through scholarship and outreach, and nurturing creative activity in every community. We’re dedicated to maximizing the potential of our state while helping Arkansans be more successful and live healthier and happier lives.

  • We are Arkansas: Our graduates are Fortune 500 CEOs, governors, leaders, teachers, nurses and entrepreneurs. We live in and contribute to communities across the state.
  • We are Arkansans: Our students represent every county in the state.
  • We’re on a mission: Research and discovery, teaching and learning, and outreach and engagement are the pillars of our mission as a land-grant institution, the state’s first public university, the flagship of the UA System, and the state’s only Tier One research university. Advancing Arkansas is why we exist.
  • We serve Arkansas, supporting and learning from the people, communities, history, resources, and cultural and environmental diversity of our state.
  • We support the economy in Arkansas by enabling the creation of new companies and new jobs, preparing and growing the workforce, commercializing research discoveries and working with businesses and industries to solve real-world problems.
  • We are dedicated to making higher education more affordable and accessible for all Arkansans.

Guiding Priorities this theme advances:

Reaffirming our Land Grant and Flagship ResponsibilitiesAdvancing Student success, , Enriching Campus Diversity and InclusionPromoting Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Enhancing our Research and Discovery Mission, Investing in Faculty ExcellenceBuilding a Collaborative and Innovative Campus

Tips on when and how to use this theme:

This theme is about our core mission of teaching, learning and service. It demonstrates what we do and why it matters to Arkansas.

Audience for this theme: 

State leaders and influencers, alumni, prospective students, faculty and staff, industry partners,

Some types of stories that fit this theme:

  • Arkansas student support/accessibility/scholarships
  • Outreach and research partnerships in the state
  • Industry support and collaboration
  • Resources – lab equipment, subject-matter experts, facilities
  • Student job placement
  • Entrepreneurship and commercialization – growing industry and job here in Arkansas
  • Students out in the workforce or volunteering across Arkansas
  • Camps, A+ Program, Arkansas Teacher Corps, Music in schools, etc.

Some examples of words and phrases that convey this theme: 

Including Arkansas hometowns with student news, Service, outreach, partnership, Arkansas, students, We are Arkansas, building our state's future, supporting Arkansas, job creation, skill development, state-sponsored research


Photos of U of A students from across the state, faculty/students/staff working out in the state, students benefiting from new mentoring/scholarship programs for Arkansans, volunteer work, outreach, students out in the workforce.