Life-Changing Opportunities

It starts with a belief that anything is possible. With that mindset, we focus on individual potential, recognizing and supporting the experiences, skills and opportunities that build better futures. We open life-changing pathways through our breadth of research, scholarship, creative activities and an environment centered on learning. This is a destination for those seeking a community where growth is nurtured. Where the future is what we make it.

  • Opportunities to grow and explore paths that can make a difference in the world.
  • One student at a time: We focus on the potential of each individual from day one through graduation, positioning students for future success.
  • Innovative approach to teaching practices and performance, course design and student learning and assessment.
  • An environment where collaboration, creativity and diversity thrive.
  • We make life better for everyone by solving problems through research and innovation, advancing technology and finding new ways to make people, healthier, safer and successful.
  • Learning, mentoring and networking opportunities abound on campus and in the vibrant region that surrounds us.
  • Getting involved and helping across the state and around the world through experiential learning opportunities provides important lessons and some of life’s most meaningful activity.
  • The connections made here last a lifetime.

Audiences for this theme:

Prospective Students, Students, Alumni, faculty and staff, Peers in higher education, State leaders.

Some types of stories that fit this theme:

  • Student success – awards, internships
  • Student research (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Multi-disciplinary studies and collaboration
  • Access to higher education for Arkansans – scholarships and support
  • Service learning/Study abroad
  • Proximity to Fortune-500 company leaders in the classroom and in the community
  • Mentoring/one student at a time, innovative teaching and learning
  • Campus and community involvement
  • Lifelong connections, diversity, broadening experiences
  • Job placement

Examples of some words and phrases that convey this theme:

Transformational, opportunity, growth, learning, experiential learning, experiences, one student at a time, broadening, expanding horizons, potential, job skills, future, learning new skills, job placement, service learning.


Photos that show student experiences such as one-on-one with faculty, hands-on research, diverse groups of students on campus, study abroad, internships, visiting lecturers/national leaders