Determined to Build a Better World

We exist to make lives better. It’s our calling. And we pursue it through the creation of knowledge, the spread of new ideas and innovations, the development of essential skills and the support of creative expression. The pillars of our mission are research and discovery, teaching and learning, and outreach and engagement. They are the means by which we improve our world – one student, one community, one idea, one solution at a time. We imagine a better world and we’re determined to build it.

  • We solve problems: As a Tier One research institution, we’re naturally curious and determined to find ways to improve lives, build stronger communities and a better world through new discoveries and innovations.
  • We stimulate the economy by collaborating and partnering with business and industry leaders to solve real-world problems, increase efficiency and provide specialized education and training for the workforce.
  • New companies and new jobs are generated through the commercialization of our research discoveries and the business ideas that are formed and tested here.
  • We help schools, organizations and communities plan for the future by providing specialty expertise and by working together to develop better processes, methods and programs.
  • Helping others is part of who we are. We volunteer, get involved and give back through service-learning projects at home and around the world.
  • We promote the greater good through scholarship and creative expression, and by supporting social justice, diversity, transparency and sustainability.
  • We believe that enhancing relations between people and nations requires better understanding through the support of diversity, inclusion and international exchange.   
  • We value our natural environment and work to nurture and protect it for future generations.
  • We leave our mark here and everywhere: Our graduates are Fortune 500 CEOs, governors, leaders, teachers, nurses and entrepreneurs. Our faculty members mentor future leaders, solve real-world problems in hundreds of fields and disciplines and some have even gone on to serve as president and secretary of state of the United States.

Guiding Priorities this theme advances:

Advancing Student successBuilding a Collaborative and Innovative CampusEnriching Campus Diversity and InclusionPromoting Innovation in Teaching and LearningReaffirming our Land Grant and Flagship ResponsibilitiesStrengthening Graduate EducationStrenthening Graduate EducationInvesting in Faculty Excellence,

Tips on when and how to use this theme:

This theme is about our research, discovery and industry partnerships that improves lives, advances technology and makes our world a better place to live.

Audiences for this theme: 

This theme works for all audiences

Some types of stories that fit under this theme:

  • Research and discoveries
  • Entrepreneurship and commercialization
  • Patents and Licensing
  • Research funding
  • Creative works
  • Global outreach
  • Industry partnerships

Some examples of words and phrases that convey this theme: 

Problem solving, Research, discovery, entrepreneurship, partnership, new technology, advancing, creativity, service


Photos of research, developing technologies, lab and equipment photos, creative works and researchers all work well under this theme.