Logo Identity and Brand Standards

Our institution has one brand, the University of Arkansas. We have a wide variety of units, centers, areas, departments, schools and colleges, but they are all under the umbrella of the University of Arkansas. A clear statement of brand is made by logo placement, brand name and consistency with the rest of the branded Web pages. To this end, all Web pages are required to have an official version of the University of Arkansas logo placed in the top left area of the page.

Every university Web page shall use consistent branding by use of official logo and word treatments for University of Arkansas as described in the Graphic Identity Style Guide.

  • No font color is to be used in the header
  • Variation in font weight is acceptable when appropriate to manage very short or lengthy names, hairline weight is not to be used ever.
  • Banner fonts will have a minimum and maximum font value, with a default standard.
  • No graphical treatments shall be added to the header

The banner and footer shall be used on all official administrative and academic websites. No other headers, banners, ribbons, logos or footers shall be used.

Banner UA Footer