Blogs and E-Publications

Blogs and e-publications are used to achieve specific communication goals outside of the typical informational sites used for departments and programs. When deciding if you need this form of communication, consider your goals, audience, and editorial schedule for keeping the content fresh.

Because of the unique nature of these web properties, we are less strict with our branding guidelines so that these may compliment printed materials and other marketing initiatives that may have a unique style defined.

NewswireArkansas ResearchInquiry and The Colleague are all examples of blogs or e-publications. 

Visual Design

Designs for these digital publications are free of the common web design standards that are enforced for the standard university web presence, with the exception of the inclusion of the university logo. All designs must also be device agnostic.

Required Elements

  • UA Logo
  • Copyright U of A
  • Statement of responsibility eg. (Newswire is a publication of University Relations)

Moderated Comments

If you will be offering the ability for moderated comments on your website, please include the following statement above where the comments load.

Editor-selected comments will be published below. No abusive material, personal attacks, profanity, spam or material of a similar nature will be considered for publication.