Image Sizes

How to Optimize Images for the Web

Start with high-quality images. You can always make a large image smaller.

Use the right file type: JPEG or PNG. Photographs should be saved and uploaded as JPGs. Graphics, especially those using large, flat areas of color or text, should be saved as PNGs.

Resize images to optimize page speed and appearance. See our suggested image size documentation below.

General Use Images

Suggested Max File Size: 30k

  • Square 400x400
  • Horizontal 600x400
  • Vertical 400x600

Suggested Max File Size: 10k

  • Thumbnail Square 200x200
  • Thumbnail Horizontal 300x200
  • Thumbnail Vertical 200x300

View Examples of General Use Images

Interior Page Full-Width

Suggested Max File Size: 50k

  • 900x300
  • 900x600

View Examples of Interior Full-Width Images

Landing Page Full-Width (Hero)

Suggested Max File Size: 125k

  • 2000x600
  • 2000x800

View Landing Page Full-Width Images 2000x600

View Landing Page Full-Width Images 2000x800

To make sure that these images work properly as full width, set the width to 100%, as shown here:

width set to 100%