Best practices for buttons:

  • Buttons indicate a call to action—Apply, Register, Accept, etc.  When website users see a button, they don't have to think about what's going to happen—it clearly calls the Web users to action. They expect to be taken to a form or to perform and complete some action.
  • Buttons are not appropriate for linking to another page or website—that is simply a link and does not require a call to action.
  • Refer to the sections on color and typography to ensure compliance with the Web Style Guide.

Prospective Students

Please use these buttons on your site as it's always a top goal to attract and enroll more students. You may modify the background color to match your palette, but do not alter the text or destination. They should be used globally so that every site visitor understands that no matter what part of the site they're visiting, they can quickly apply, request information or schedule a visit.

Apply Online

Schedule a Visit

Request Information