The official name of this institution is “University of Arkansas.” When a geographic designation is needed, it may be referred to as the “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.” The Fayetteville identifier should be used sparingly, usually only to remove any ambiguity when the University of Arkansas name and the names of other campuses in the University of Arkansas System are used in the same document.

Do not use “The” as part of the name of the institution.

On second reference, use of "the university" or the “U of A” is preferred over “UA.” The abbreviation “UAF” should not be used.

According to university-wide Administrative Memorandum 215.1: “The name of the University of Arkansas is used in a great many contexts and for a wide range of purposes. It is important to the institution that the use of the name ‘University of Arkansas’ ... be limited to activities which are, in fact, activities of the university.”

The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas is the sole and exclusive owner of all the rights to the University of Arkansas name, logo and seal; the name “Razorback” and Razorback graphics, design logos, and symbols; and other indicia used to represent the University of Arkansas. The word “Arkansas,” itself, when used to refer to the university also is a protected trademark.

The use of the name “University of Arkansas” and symbols for commercial purposes is restricted. The trademark licensing office, as part of a licensing agreement with Collegiate Licensing Company, coordinates requests for commercial use of the university’s name and symbols. Trademark licensing can be reached at 479-575-5037.

If you have questions about the ability to use the university named in conjunction with an event or activity, contact university relations at 479-575-5555 or