Social Media

Freshmen create a class picture at the beginning of each school year. They form an "A" for Arkansas on the football field. Social media helps reinforce and document these experiences.

Stories Told Together

Social media brings the University of Arkansas to life in digital spaces. It draws our community closer both on the web and in person.

There are important stories to tell about life here on campus. We need your help to share them.

Stories like

  • The daily refresh of images shared by our campus community through the #UARKLife hashtag.
  • Photos shared by the students who graduate each May and illustrate their experience through their class-based hashtag like #UARK19 and #UARK14.
  • Organizing weather-related information around #UARKwx so that students, staff and faculty know in a timely fashion when class is cancelled or delayed and if the buses will run on time.

Social media works best when people remain at the center of what we share.

For this reason, these stories are best told by the staff, faculty, students, parents who make this university such a special place.

This guide is an attempt to empower you to tell those stories.

Starting a new account

First, ask yourself if you are a ready for the responsibility.

Creating a social media account requires care and attention. Your audience expects new updates on a regular basis and will expect to interact with you there.

If you think you are ready to care for and feed your new social media account then go ahead and create it.

Next, email and ask to have your account added to the social media directory. We will review and add it to the list of official accounts.

That e-mail prompts University Relations to add you to the Index.

University Relations verifies all of these accounts as official and active within the last year.


Hashtag Purpose Users Audience Example
#UARK General conversations about the university Users Audience Example
#UARKLife Content with high visual appeal. Users Audience Example
#UARKwx Posts about weather events on campus. Users Audience Example
#UARK[Graduation Class Year] Conversations around by and to specific class years or students. Users Audience Example

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these hashtags. Hashtags help us organize social media conversations across campus.

If you're an institutional account, keep in mind that the #UARK hashtag is yours to use as you wish. It's the central hashtag for the entire University of Arkansas community and may be substituted in a social media post for the name of the university.

Ex: Visiting #UARK today? Don't forget to stop by the union for free brownies.

You may also use the hashtags #UARKLife or #UARK[Graduating Class], but only with prior approval from University Relations.

A number of units on campus use hashtags for specific activities like studying abroad (#HogsAbroad) or to raise awareness about something (#Hogstache).

Please inform University Relations before starting a new hashtag campaign on social media. We have tools to help you measure the success of your effort. We can help test your hashtag for potential unintended meanings.


Hootsuite is the tool recommended by the university for social media management. We offer training for HootSuite to the campus community periodically.

Getting started with Hootsuite is free. Pro accounts cost more and offer additional features.

Contact Jessica Leonard at or visit to learn more about a Hootsuite account.