Minimum Design Standards for Printed Publications

  • The University of Arkansas should be clearly identified on the front cover or front panel of each piece with an official University of Arkansas mark as identified in this manual.
  • University of Arkansas logos and marks can vary in size, but cannot be altered, modified or overprinted, and no conflicting logos should be used. See "Examples of what not to do" in this manual.
  • The minimum recommended size for the standard logo is 1" in height. The minimum recommended size for the horizontal logo treatment is 1/2" in height.
  • Only official, approved colors may be used with the University of Arkansas symbols.
  • The university seal should only be used on official or ceremonial documents, and only in a single color. It should not be used in marketing or promotional publications.
  • A link to an official university Web site should be listed on the front or back of all pieces.
  • It is encouraged that the designing department and month/year of publication appear on the back, preferably in small print.
  • Appropriate printing procedures must be followed. See "Official Policy: Permission to Print Publications for External Use" in this manual for more details on printing procedures.